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We offer metal, aluminum and PVC exterior doors for your apartment, private house, apartment building stairwell or industrial facility.
It is possible to choose doors in standard sizes, as well as made according to your taste and needs.

Delivery and installation period 25 - 45 working days. For example, we deliver and install. We carry out maintenance and regulation

Metal exterior doors for apartments

You can order exterior doors made in standard sizes from us.

We offer insulated metal exterior doors in individual sizes, made in Latvia. Price starting from 450.00 EUR:


Metal door V450 , smooth, with wood imitation adhesive film, boards from the outside of the door. 10 shades of adhesive film are available.​

Metal bed V600 with MDF panel, boards from the outside of the door. Option to choose from more than 20 panel tones and ornaments.

Metal doors, also with MDF panels, can be painted in any of the RAL shades of your choice. If you want us to deliver and install the Selected door, contact us and request a measurement.

Metal exterior doors for private houses

Exterior doors of private houses produced in Latvia.

Hormann front door < Open
German quality, a wide range of design solutions and colors.

Metal exterior doors for stairwells and commercial premises

These doors should be galvanized so that they will not rust under the influence of the weather and last for a long time. The design solution is up to you.

Aluminum doors for private houses and commercial premises

Fireproof doors

Fireproof door RAL 8014

PVC front door

PVC front door
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