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Hormann garage doors

SIA JVMD is the official representative of Hormann products in the region

  • Sectional garage doors fit any shape of garage bay, so this gate can be installed in different configuration bays

  • Hörmann doors are available with several types of spring arrangement

  • There are several types available for the external appearance of the gate. The gate can be grooved, cassette type, or with a smooth surface. Panel samples can be viewed at our office.

  • The gate can be in any color of your choice from the RAL catalog.

  • The Hörmann gate opens vertically upwards, in this way you get more space in the garage, and you can also park another car outside the garage.

  • A variety of power gate drives are available

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Lifting gate

The most common type of garage door, which combines safety and design elegance.

  • Gate leaves consist of horizontal sections (sandwich type panels) connected to each other by loops

  • The gate opens and closes by moving along the guides - rails attached to the sides of the aisles. Such a gate takes up little space above the column

  • The durability of lift gates is provided by galvanized steel, from which the gate leaves are made, while the polymer coating provides excellent resistance to corrosion, environmental exposure and mechanical damage. The high-density polyurethane filled between the steel sheets provides reliable thermal insulation.

  • The gate can be installed in any space, both outside and inside the room. They are mainly installed in production facilities, warehouses, shops and garages. The width of the lifting gate can reach 11 m, and the height - 10 m.

  • The lifting gate can be both manually raised and equipped with an automatic one. Can be completed with additional systems and equipment (personal doors, windows, etc.)

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Double gate

A classic solution, suitable when it is not possible to install a lift-up gate. We offer both metal and double-sided gates made of sandwich panels.

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Industrial garage doors

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